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Updates to Approvals and Checks

Approvals and Checks provide increased security to your YAML pipelines. They allow you to control if a pipeline run is allowed to access a resource. Let's look at an example. Say you develop the FabrikamFiber web app. To deploy a new version of your app, you use a YAML pipeline that uses an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) service connection. ...

Disable creation of classic pipelines

YAML pipelines offer the best security for your Azure Pipelines. In contrast to classic build and release pipelines, YAML pipelines: Can be code reviewed. YAML pipelines are no different from any other piece of code. You can prevent malicious actors from introducing malicious steps in your pipelines by enforcing the use of Pull Requests to ...

Safely Upgrade Your Pipelines from Azure DevOps Server 2019 to Server 2020

Learn how to upgrade from Azure DevOps Server 2019 to Server 2020 without losing builds.