Damon Stoddard

Sr. Program Manager

With over 25 years of professional experience as a change leader at Microsoft and Honeywell, Damon Stoddard has a proven history of driving systematic, transformational change in organizations and has won numerous awards for his work. Most recently, Damon has helped create the teaming model for Microsoft where his thought leadership on psychological safety and thriving is enabling thousands of teams across Microsoft and more than 50,000 organizations globally to systematically improve by creating thriving team cultures. In his personal life, Damon is an author and also coaches authors to write and publish their own books. He wrote his first book, Pain Drives Change, in 45 days. In this highly acclaimed book, Damon shares his personal transformation of overcoming divorce and building the family of his dreams. This book became the foundation for Change YOUniversity where he and his coaches have coached thousands of men to build the families of their dreams and break the generational curses in their families forever. In Damon’s second book, Apathy or Action, Damon shares his personal journey of fighting cancer that has inspired countless people to take action when facing fear in their own lives. Damon has successfully applied the principles he’s learned to numerous volunteer organizations, including a thriving men’s ministry and small groups ministry in his church. In Damon’s role as Vice President of Discipleship and Culture, he helped create one of the premier Christian junior football programs in the nation. Together, he and his wife, Debbie, live near Seattle and enjoy the family of their dreams together.

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