Answer to an e-mail comment concerning policies for work item types


We received the following e-mail from khurram:

I am using VSTS Workgroup Edition, and want to enforce certain policies to Work Items in Project eg

– Project Administrator can update “any” work item
– Only “Assigned” person can mark the work item “Resolved”
– Unless “Planned Hours” or other certain field is populated work item cannot be marked “Resolved”

and so forth

Any pointers will be helpful...”

The answer is that all of these things are possible.

1. If the project administrator is a member of the Team Foundation Administrators group, or the Contributors group, then they can edit any work item. The specific permission required is Edit work items in this node. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Default Groups, Permissions, and Roles.

2. To restrict state changes in a work item to a specific user or group, you must customize the work item type. There’s a great example of this in the topic Transition Security.

3. To restrict state changes based on other fields states, such as required fields, again you must customize the work item type. In the state that you define, indicate that a field is required. For example:

<STATE value=”Resolved”>
      <FIELD refname=”Example.PlannedHours”>
         <REQUIRED />

Hope this helps,

David Chesnut [MSFT]


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