Announcing the Azure Repos app for Microsoft Teams

Atin Bansal

Coding is a team sport. To help developers be more efficient, we are excited to announce the new Azure Repos app for Microsoft Teams.

The Azure Repos app for Microsoft Teams allows users to monitor their repositories and branches from within Teams channels. Users can set up and manage subscriptions to get notifications in their channels whenever code is pushed/checked in, pull requests (PRs) are created or updated, etc. Users can leverage the presence of subscription filters to customize what they want to be notified about in the channel. Messaging extension can be used to search and share pull requests with other members in the channel or previews can be generated from pull request URLs to help initiate discussions around PRs and keep the conversations contextual.

Get notified when code is pushed to a repository or PR is created

Manage subscriptions from your Microsoft Teams channel

Use pull request URLs to initiate discussions around PRs

For more details about the app, please take a look at the documentation or install the app.

We’re constantly at work to improve the app, and soon you’ll see new features coming along, including the ability to create bulk subscriptions for all the repositories in a project. Please give the app a try and send us your feedback using the @azure repos feedback command in the app or on Developer Community.