Agent-based deployment in Release Management

Roopesh Nair

Agent-based deployment in Release Management

Our approach in Release management so far has been to integrate with various deployment tools and platforms while providing rich control over the flow of bits, traceability, and auditability.

When it comes to PaaS deployments, we have first-class integration with Azure, platform abstracts out the complexity. For IaaS deployments, we have provided the ability to run scripts on a proxy agent or on the target servers using remote scripting tasks.  Though it’s not always that hard to deploy to a single target, the promise of continuous value delivery relies on the ability to continuously publish updated versions of an application across a variety of environments for various purposes each having multitude of targets/roles, which can be very difficult to perform and manage.

We have been working on adding robust in-the-box multi-machine deployment pipeline using Release Management. Where you can orchestrate  deployments across multiple nodes, perform rolling updates while ensuring high availability of the application throughout. Agent based deployment capability relies on the same build and deployment agents.

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