A Sprint Burndown widget with everything you’ve been asking for

Gregg Boer

With Sprint 160, we are releasing a new Sprint Burndown widget that lets you choose how to burndown for a sprint.

Azure DevOps Sprint Burndown widget - configured by Count of Tasks

You can burndown by Story Points, count of Tasks, or custom fields. You can create a burndown for Epics, Features, and Stories. In fact, you can burndown by summing any field or by counting any type of work item. The new widget displays average burndown, % complete, and scope increase. You can choose to burndown on a specific team, which lets you display sprint burndowns for multiple teams on the same dashboard. With all this great information to display, we let you resize it up to 10×10 on the dashboard

Azure DevOps Sprint Burndown widget - Configuration

You’ll notice that we have two versions in the widget catalog.

Azure DevOps Sprint Burndown widget - Widget Catalog

The new version requires access to Analytics. Since some customers restrict “View Analytics” permissions, we kept the legacy version as a backup option for them.

To try the new version, you can add it from the widget catalog. Or, you can edit the configuration of an existing legacy Sprint Burndown widget and check the Try the new version now box.

Azure DevOps Sprint Burndown widget - Easy upgrade to new version

For more information, check out our docs.

We know many of you have been asking for these features for a while. We are so happy to provide them. Enjoy!