What bugs were fixed in MFC in Visual Studio 2012?

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Pat Brenner

Hello, I’m Pat Brenner, a developer on the Visual C++ Libraries team. I recently shared some information about the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) Library in this blog post. Several people responded to that post asking for a list of bugs that have been fixed in MFC for Visual Studio 2012.

Though I cannot provide a complete list of the bugs in our internal bug database, here is a list of the bugs that were reported by customers through our Connect site that have been fixed in MFC for Visual Studio 2012 RTM. Click on any Connect bug number to see more information about that bug.


Connect # Bug Title
574974 CRecordset/DoFieldExchange not working properly
577870 CMFCButton causes memory leak
582449 Multiple floating CDockablePanes have issues when docked together
584677 MFC projects targeted for Windows XP cause stack corruption.
584688 Allow type safe alternatives for the min() and max() macros to be used
585121 Windows 7 taskbar won’t auto-unhide when wizard-built MFC app is maximized
585837 It is possible to dock a CDockablePane to one that has already been closed
588167 Suggestion for CMFCToolBarsCustomizeDialog
588348 CWinApp causes access violation by using uninitialized data
594556 Incorrect background for controls on a CPaneDialog
595648 CMFCToolBar::m_bDontScaleImages variable is available only for static link
599305 Unable to link against CMDIChildWndEx::m_dwDefaultTaskbarTabPropertyFlags
600357 Incomplete documentation for CMFCColorButton class
611434 Access violation in afxcustomizemenubutton.cpp
613377 Memory Leaks in MFC Class
613594 AFX_TAB_TEXT_MARGIN not exported when linking dynamically with MFC
615996 Symbol afxGlobalUtils – C++
618207 CDockablePane undocking issue with swapped mouse buttons
618539 Window menu in MFC app does not work correctly
619673 CMFCDropDownListBox::OnDrawItem should use DT_NOPREFIX
619913 Static MFC executables twice as large
620733 MFC Feature Pack Customisation Dialogue Box: "All Commands"
621222 <<OLE VERBS GO HERE>> does not disappear from the menu
622001 Inclusion of MFC headers causes leaking memory
622495 Floating pane’s docking status is not restored correctly after LoadState
622942 #include <afxcontrolbars.h> is not compatible with #define NOMINMAX
623229 CMFCShellListCtrl controls do not show properly translated headers
624043 MFC bug? in-process QAxServer leaves dangling COleFrameHook reference
626013 MFC application with a ribbon: An underline is displayed on the title
626016 MFC application with a ribbon: When closing the maximized child MDI window
629703 MFC: Disabling DWM Composition causes redraw issues
630000 CDockablePane derived class after LoadState is not restored correctly
630199 Buffer overrun in CRichEditCtrl::GetTextRange with MBCS
631089 Sample CLIPART Common.res missing
631723 BUG in MFC Undermines Application Developer Control over the application
632178 DTS:  CWnd::PreCreateWindow change causing problems
632542 MFC Ribbon tooltips are below floating panes
632550 Copy/Paste is not working in dockable pane
632888 D2D1::ColorF::Red gives blue and D2D1::ColorF::Blue gives red
634898 Issue with CMFCToolBarImages::AddImage with 32bit Images
635527 CWnd::CreateIndirect memory leak in VS2005, VS2010, VS2010 SP1
635819 New file "afxanimationcontroller.h" uses TRACE instead of ATLTRACE
636148 AfxOleUnregisterTypeLib cannot handle win64 typelibs
636860 MFC Suitable for COM development ? (dllmain violations)
638564 Using the mouse wheel to scroll in CMFCPopupMenu does not work correctly
641001 CCheckListBox incorrectly displays BST_INDETERMINATE check state
641098 MFC feature pack: incorrect tool bar drawing for fixed tool bars (non-dockable)
641100 MFC timer IDs used to handle docking capabilites are in very normal usage range
641292 CMFCStatusBar incorrectly assumes WS_THICKFRAME and SBARS_SIZEGRIP
641665 EnableLoadWindowPlacement(false) does not work correctly
641672 Could CMFCStatusBar RecalcLayout() become virtual?
642053 CMFCMenuBar and Accessibility
643639 The state of warning 4100 is not restored to the previous state
643999 CMFCToolBarImages may cause ActiveX host shutdown failure
644774 MFC taskbar interaction with maximize/minimize has issues
646445 CVSListBox produces memory Leaks
646481 Symbol afxKeyboardManager not exported when linking dynamically
650162 MFC MDI standard tabs close unexpectedly when activated by click in [x] location
651057 MFC headers in VS 2010 SP1 causes /doc compilation to fail
653308 MFC Ribbon Bug – incorrectly calculated panel widths
656884 Windows 7 style ribbon bar context categories look bad
658227 MFC status bar message is displayed (wrong) again after tool bar button is pressed
658568 CMFCDesktopAlertWnd::Create() method doesn’t show a window
661289 COleObjectFactory Registry Registration fails with blanks in Path
670846 Error in CWinAppEx::GetSectionString
672452 MFC – CDialogEx – Deactivating and activating dialog set focus to first dialog item
675922 CMFCPopupMenu context menu not shown in foreground in TrayMenu sample
676869 MFC Tabbed MDI bug
679332 Crash in AdjustLayout using CMFCPropertyGridCtrl
679390 Missing DLL exports in MFC
680263 CMFCRibbonEdit::OnSetFocus() in MFC Microsoft Office Fluent UI
681491 Toolbar using CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton not displayed correctly
681771 CMFCPropertySheet – RemovePage not working with PropSheetLook_OutlookBar
683164 MFC Ribbon’s Gallery Button’s Column property does not work
683598 Compile error in Visual Studio 2010 SP1 when using the "lint" preprocessor definition
683726 Using CFileDialog in Loop causes Error
684318 CMFCToolBarsMenuPropertyPage SYSTEM_DEFAULT_ANIMATON fails to initialize
684376 Deriving from CMFCHeaderCtrl requires CMFCListCtrl changes
685022 CWnd::OnWndMsg has incorrect cast for AfxSig_v_u_v
686157 Satellite DLLs doesn’t work when new MFC controls like CMFCButton are used
687615 VS2005 migrated app has toolbar bugs, including Win7 Aero drawing bug
687736 MFC class CStreamOnCString stops working with IE9
688159 CLinkCtrl::GetItemState never returns the item state
692769 MFC – CRecordset::GetFieldValue throws "Invalid Argument Value" exception
694793 MFC – CRecordset::GetFieldValue and nvarchar(MAX) returns no data
696791 MFC CPropertySheet crashes when WM_CREATE returns -1
698304 CMFCPropertyGridCtrl vertical scrollbar doesn’t work correctly in alphabetic mode
699739 CString::FormatMessage can throw out of memory exception
700173 Display bug in CMFCRibbonComboBox control
705542 CMFCButton proceeds mouse events in region covered by another MDI child window
709116 CMFCFontComboBox memory leak after DeleteString
711714 MFC unsafely uses GetModuleHandle behind the scenes, causing crash
715991 Any default SDI application type with MFC standard project style always crashes
717004 Problem with Print Preview in a tabbed MDI application with splitter window
717992 CMFCOutlookBarTabCtrl memory leak
718189 GDI leak when closing last document tab in an MDI application
720671 Black area in tab control of CTabView and live taskbar preview window
720894 GDI object leakage in CMFCToolBarImages::SmoothResize function
722441 Ribbon Menus unexpectly show the panel icon
724022 DECLARE_DYNAMIC in CMFCEditBrowseCtrl missing
725299 Hung process upon exiting MFC application when using Speech Recognition
725331 Draw Bug in CView Frame on Initial Focus
726453 MSDN Forum: GDI – Issue while drawing Arc
731161 MFC Ribbon buttons no longer working with touchscreen monitor
731201 Incorrect XML in MFC header files causes compiler warnings
731341 Titlebar goes ‘black’ and unresponsive after (some) screensavers have run
736941 Memory leak from SetPaneSize sample in MFC 2008 feature pack
738284 Ok/Cancel/Apply buttons missing from MFC Property sheet on Hebrew Windows 7
738924 CFileDialog FileNamedlg
740600 CMFCColorButton will be displayed without style/theme
745790 Static MFC executables produced by Visual Studio 2012 RC are huge
746564 VS 2012 RC – Code Analysis: CUIAnimationCallbackBase –> C6388


I hope you find this information useful. As you can see, we do pay attention to and take action on the bugs that are reported on the Connect site. So please continue to report bugs that you find in MFC (or any of the Visual C++ libraries)—we do want to hear about them.

Pat Brenner
Visual C++ Libraries Development Team


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