Visual Studio 2010 CTP released

Visual CPP Team

We are very pleased to announce that we have released Visual Studio 2010 CTP at the PDC today. See our earlier posts on this topic. The goal of the Community Technology Preview (CTP) is to obtain feedback from you on the new scenarios that we have enabled. We have defined step-by-step walkthroughs to help you discover these new scenarios. You can learn more about the CTP, get a link to the download and engage in a conversation with the team from here.


There are many new improvements to Visual C++ that we are excited to announce.


What’s new in Visual C++ (CTP)

o    MSBuild Support for Visual C++

o    IntelliSense and Browsing Experience

·         Improved Responsiveness and Scale

·         Improved Accuracy and Robustness

o    C++0x Features

·         Lambda Expressions

·         Rvalue References

·         static_assert

·         auto Keyword

o    MFC Improvements

·         Task Dialog Support

·         Restart Manager Support

o    Deployment

·         New deployment model for Visual C++ Libraries (changed to not use Windows SxS configuration)


We want to hear from you! Please consider these walkthroughs as a hand-held guide to use this release. The walkthroughs are:

o    What’s New in Visual C++ (CTP)


o    Walkthrough: Using MSBuild to Create a Visual C++ Project

o    How to: Add a Build Event to an MSBuild Project

o    How to: Add a Custom Build Step to an MSBuild Project

o    How to: Add Custom Build Tools to an MSBuild Project

o    How to: Create a Project-to-Project Reference

o    Walkthrough: How to Create a Custom Platform

o    Walkthrough: How to Create Custom Property Pages

o    Walkthrough: How to Use the C++ MSBuild Project System

o    How to: Upgrade from Earlier Versions to Visual C++ 10


o    Walkthrough: Adding a Task Dialog to an Application

o    How to: Add Support for the Restart Manager


o    Walkthrough: Deploying a Visual C++ Application


Please use the Visual C++ CTP forums to provide feedback on the CTP itself. Of course, you can use the Connect website to report bugs. We look forward to hearing back from you.


Thank you,

Vikas Bhatia

Visual C++ Team


Note: The CTP is not available for download anymore

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