Visual C++ 2015 Update 2 Bug Fixes


Visual C++

We’re happy to have shipped Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 (grab a copy here!). This is a quick glance at the Visual C++ bugs resolved that were reported on the Microsoft Connect portal. We have fixed 330 Connect and VS Feedback bugs in the compiler frontend, backend, and libraries; and an additional 30 bugs in the IDE for Visual Studio 2015 Update 2.

These bugs were submitted by the users in the community. Although we didn’t fix every reported customer issue (yet!), we appreciate that our customers take the time to file bugs on our product, and we try to prioritize the bugs that come from the community. If you encounter issues while using our compiler, please file bugs! It helps us know which issues should have the most attention.

Compiler Frontend, Backend, and Libs Fixes

Connect UserConnect IDTitle
_NN_1816988Declaration of pure virtual function with type alias doesn’t compile
_PetrD1735382Template keyword in dependant name disabiguation function call causes compile error.
Åkerblom Jens2050595Compiler error regarding template method pointer types
Aaron J Ballman2394957Signed vs unsigned mismatch warning false positive
abushne2128742No longer able to name methods “export” in VS2015 Update 1
aemwaqas601970608unexpected loop vlaues
akrieger1230395Numerous problems with std::result_of and `decltype` member pointer resolution problems in class template declarations
Alex Katranov2090221excessive warning C4100
Alexander__Dyagilev2069971C++ compiler bug?
Alf P. Steinbach, except MS…2163090Internal Compiler Error on some SFINAE code
Alf P. Steinbach, except MS…2123005enum() accepted as nullpointer
Andi.P2390377Bug with C++ nested class, template and inheritance
Andreas Magnusson – Nexus2112616Code/data generation error with constexpr
Andrei Drexler1613182C++: C1001 with decltype and pointer to virtual function.
Andrew7Webb1576822File from year 1601 causes fatal error C1073: Internal error involving incremental compilation
Andrey Kolomentsev868971private explicitly-defaulted destructor is accessible
Antony Peacock1798660Using implicit constructor for classes containg __m128d SSE type crashed the compiler in debug configuration.
Arnav Singh1587892Whole program optimization removes (otherwise unreferenced) functions registered with #pragma section(“.CRT$XCU”)
Aurelien Regat-Barrel2343307Crash in cl.exe with a simple piece of code
B Erasmus1136309C++ friend compiler bug
Balenty1979953Linker Compiler Error
Barfy2000179Optimizer is too aggressive removing virtual function calls
Belloc1980027Code doesn’t link when I replace `operator new[]` by `operator new` in the snippet below
Ben F Seattle2118141Adding ={0} does not fill struct with zero, when /sdl flag added
Benoît Labrique1972909C++ Compiler: Enum bit field initialized with wrong value
Benoit Thomas1906144c++ compiler bug
Bert Huijben2369346OpenSSL 1.1.0-preX: fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler.
BOFHRAF2234621C++/CLI Compiler Crash – operator true/false
bogdan i1995929VC 14 Update 1 RC – Incorrect access control in declarations (template parameters and arguments, bases)
bogdan i1989695VC 14 Update 1 RC – Friend function template declaration rejected when alias template is used in template parameter
bogdan i1989574VC14 Update 1 RC – friend nested class template declaration incorrectly rejected
bogdan i1707015VC 14 – compiler crash related to incorrect constexpr use
BongoVR1854943Warning C4091 when including dbghelp.h
BongoVR1855005Warning C4127 or C4548 when using winsock headers
Brad Chase2180403Internal compiler error when listing assembly
Bruce Dawson22396360Bad structure offset in 32-bit code
Bruce Dawson22374731PGO build generates movaps to unaligned address
Bruce Dawson22348990ICE in template code in VS 2015 Update 1 (works with VS 2013)
Bruce Dawson22299303Internal compiler error when using /analyze on 1-line file
Bruce Dawson22291638Code-gen bug with type punning in VC++ 2015 Update 1
Bruce Dawson21981265Access violation crash in 64-bit linker when building Chrome’s net_unittests.exe
bws09011069229compiler error for a double does not work == operator
camhusmj382089116Internal Compiler Error
ccman32_fpscf2054256#pragma const_seg(push, R2, “.data”) creates a second .data section
CdTC2439056Internal compiler error when building LLVM(-readobj) in Release configuration
cg312357084fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler
cgp10242087294fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler.
Christian Maaser1754251ICE on static_assert of less than of two string literals
cokkiy20012094424The VC compiler will produce C2248 error for friend class
ConnectAnonymousUser2135145openmp num_threads clause fail with function as input
ConnectAnonymousUser1839232decltype produces default arguments in its type
COppermann2256055Warning in vcruntime_exception.h(83)
COppermann2255845Warning C4702 in exception(268)
Daan Nusman1746644Microsoft_VC140_CRT_x64.msm merge module installs C/C++ runtime DLLs in x32 folder
Damian Coventry2154944Static local variable initialization
Daniel Bratell (Opera)1994894Internal Compiler Error (ICE) when analyzing C99 array with enum initializer
Daniel Kr.1787095Pointer to members accept void types and reference types
Daniel.P822214386Compiler crashes while building c++ universal windows project with visual studio 2015 update 1
Daniel.P822013589Visual C++: error LNK2019 when linking with a lib compiled with “Inline Function Expansion” (/Ob1, /Ob2)
DarinFong1574311Cannot install Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable
Darran Rowe1883258decltype with generic lambda fails to compile
David Lowndes917226Unrestricted unions error C2280 “attempting to reference a deleted function” – does not describe the problem adequately to the normal developer.
David Majnemer2319930Function returning nullptr doesn’t get correctly undecorated
David Majnemer2290359LINK : fatal error LNK1000: Internal error during IMAGE::BuildImage.FinalPhase
David Majnemer2188195MSVC 2015 crashes when referencing type from within __vc_attributes
David Majnemer2188166MSVC 2015 crashes with reference to __formal
David Majnemer2039870MSVC 2015 crashes with explicitly qualified covariant override
David Majnemer2028986MSVC 2015 crashes on alias template in constructor
David Majnemer2011911MSVC 2015 reports that __is_destructible(auto) is true
David Majnemer2011894MSVC 2015 crashes when __is_constructible is given arguments involving auto
David Majnemer1916471MSVC 2015 crashes on instantiation involving throw expression
David Majnemer1790615MSVC 2015 reports unhelpful error message when trying to value-initialize an l-value reference
David Majnemer1791801MSVC crashes when it encounters decltype(auto)::
David Majnemer1420558MSVC 2015 crashes on pointer arithmetic in constexpr context
David Majnemer1401241MSVC 2015 rejects member pointer comparison in constexpr context
David Majnemer1337019MSVC 2015 accepts invalid throw expression with pointer to incomplete class
David Majnemer1327934MSVC 2015 believes constexpr member pointer is not constant
David Majnemer1327996MSVC 2015 crashes trying to evaluate constexpr containing pointer to member function
David Majnemer1224360Wrong function template specialization selected
David Majnemer1224375MSVC 2015 permits exception of type ‘pointer-to-function’ to be caught as ‘void *’
David Majnemer1176677Constructing an array with a class element type which has a templated constructor causes MSVC 2015 to ICE
David Majnemer1492102MSVC 2015 crashes on assignment to decltype(auto) when deduction from overloaded function fails
davidanderson612016129C++ calls the wrong virtual function.
dbregman1979000C++ enum change does not trigger recompilation (incorrect codegen)
DeadMG1986019Internal Compiler Error
Debugini2079383internal compiler error in Visual Studio 2015 Update1 with constexpr
Debugini1925368intermittent spurious error C3859 “virtual memory range for PCH exceeded”
demianmnave1951319Bug when list-initializing a function return value at optimization levels O1, O2 and Ox
desert_dragon2086665Ignore dereferencing function pointer issue
Didier11551980293cin.sync() and fflush(stdin) do not work with Visual Studio 2015 (OK with previous versions of Visual Studio)
Dmitriy Ovdienko1607797False “C4101: ‘i’: unreferenced local variable” inside sizeof operator
Dmitriy Ovdienko1203414C++ compiler does not optimize devision operations
dn3571578967False compiler error C2440 when returning a class derived from std::unique_ptr
DonScorgie1929976Internal Compiler error when performing static analysis of ExAllocatePoolWithTag functions
DontOwnAName2304264Argument for _fxrstor intrinsic optimized away.
Dr Pizza1622443Visual C++ appears to use the wrong evaluation order for list-initialization
DrATEasy11899153Compiling with optimization (max speed) is much slower, fails sometimes and requires a lot more memory than VC 2012
duZ3N2078130Casting captured variable to CString using its cast operator produces internal error in the compiler.
鈴見咲 君高 Suzumizaki-Kimitaka1654770Again, std::vector<NonAsciiNamedEnum> causes C4819 irregularly
那由多806042SFINAE build error
e4lam2154929Internal Compiler Error (ICE) on __forceinline function calling a pure virtual with LTCG
e4lam1885058ungetc() fails if no characters read yet
Elador2081014Internal compiler error when compiling Eigen with /openmp
Elaine2043145Visual Studio 2015 C++ Compiler Optimization Bug – Release Build CONSTRUCT macro not executed – works in DEBUG Build
empty`void863852ICE with nested dependent variadic templates
Eric Lasota2097294Errors printing inaccurate type names
Eric Lasota1996739C2244 when defining a template function of a template class in a namespace using fully-qualified type name
Eric Niebler763618Too-eager instantiation in class template partial specialization
Evgenii Golubev2038248Using a ComPtr inside a class causes other members to be 0-initialized
Excelcius1979692C++: Nonstatic data member initializer for array fails to initialize aggregates
excitebk2092758C++ Compiler crashes with C1001
f90d83a82266613MSVC BUG virtual base with covariance
FabioD822397421VS2015 LINK : fatal error LNK1000: Internal error during IMAGE::BuildImage
Fernando Pelliccioni2246645MSVC AVX/AVX2 intrinsics failures
FitzyDog1638615Implicit converting constructor with SIMD = Internal Compiler Error(ICE)
Flash M2101875MASM (ASM) Debug of AVX 256 bit code is completely broken in VS2015 Update 1
Flash M2084544MASM fails to compile (Invalid operands) valid AVX instruction: vpmovs(z)xbd ymm0, qword ptr [rdx]
Frank Heimes2336695Cl.exe crashes
Frank Schoenmann2083226Having the “Expand Attributed Source (/Fx)” option enabled for a C++ project fails with error
Gabriel E. Marcano1905742error C2589: ::”: illegal token on right side of “::”” on function template with default argument parameter
Gerald Lodron1931996AVX Optimization results in wrong/different result
GHonsa242272064 bit optimization bug
gigimava2117239C++: decltype((e)) produces the incorrect type for base class members
godzy1953961msclr namespace is not declared
GreenCat2096574Nonexistent narrow conversion error
Halfdan I2061244‘static’ is not allowed in ‘friend’ declarations.
Halfdan I2061186Invalid acceptance of ‘static’ on templated member function definitions
Halt00012296449C++ compiler crash when using ‘Assembly With Source Code (/FAs)’ option
halx992444346VC14 Merge Modules does not work on Windows 7
halx992242198Microsoft Visual Studio is busy
Hardy Braunsdorf1894122Optimizer problem
Hervé Baekeland2090479Code doesn’t compile since the update, with the message “cannot access protected member declared in class”
hh_1331482__declspec(selectany) constexpr doesn’t work with /Za
Ian Maurin-Soucy2075895Wrong value of this parameter
Igor Sudarikov2412084C++: Compilation failure of static constexpr array of unknown bound in template class
Ike Starnes1027650Windows App Certification Kit Fails with error – All types referenced in metadata files must be discoverable.
ildjarn1075443C++: order of evaluation of expressions in a braced initializer list are wrong in the context of a constructor call
ilstas1537090VC++ 2015 lambda to the std::function implicit conversion
Inyral1922357Valid C++11 constexpr function inside template fails to compile
ISoft – Pub2395390windows share issue
Istvan Szakats2234356c++ std::is_convertible doesn’t detect deleted copy constructor or no implicit move constructor
Jan carlo2008006dynamic array can’t be created
Javier Blazquez850674Compiler fails to select correct partial template specialization when attempting SFINAE using class member function
jimbobmacdoodle2241224warning LNK4244: unable to write LTCG object
John N. Lehner1693860LTCG with SSE2 for x86 generates crashing code: output address not pushed onto stack
Johnny Roller1976708C++ (native): Internal Compiler Error (ICE) while using explicit copy constructor on a templated class
Johnny Willemsen1307604Problem using friend
Johnny Willemsen1577211Problem compiling TAO as CORBA implementations
Jonathan Adamczewski2247478Incorrect values are returned when accessing a global constexpr array of c strings
jonathanmcdougall2311854ICE with a shared_ptr using an undeclared type and a switch
jonathanmcdougall2173340ICE with decltype of a template member function
jonathanmcdougall2173302ICE involving decltype on non-existing member operators
jonathanmcdougall1491794Compiler hang or ICE with missing closing parenthesis
jonathanmcdougall1463904Internal compiler error wth angle bracket as parameter of function template
Joseph Stein2313459Output and input >> << arrow problem
jujjyl2053175Visual Studio 2015 generates faulty code for the _mm_ucomige_ss() intrinsic.
JulianB_1810776Internal compiler error (C1001) when exporting a function which uses an imported __forceinline member function when /LTCG
Julianis2418490Incorrect value for an argument by reference in a c++ program
Kaba_2224620ICE with SFINAE
Kalyd 6131984684Unexpected mov instruction in assembly
KBaztak2084691MSVC error C2121 when using an #if inside a macro argument
Keith Dorken1985050Compiler has stopped working parsing two line statement
Kenshi Takayama2287853Erroneous C2398 with constructor
Kiehne1621045Compiler Error on Managed C++ array references
Kohei Takahashi1515821ICE on aliasing template with explicitly specialized static member.
kreuzerkrieg_2263601Linker warning
kreuzerkrieg_1972921fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler.
L_Baker2287451Occasional “Fatal error LNK1105: cannot close file” when using /NATVIS flag with link.exe
L_Baker2125723Compiler generates incorrect code when vectorising loop under x64 optimised builds
L_Baker2107171Internal compiler error when using generic lambda inside method of template class specialisation
lerosQ1930335SBC from ZI compilation
Leslie N2351122STILL: c1xx : fatal error C1027: Inconsistent values for /Ym between creation and use of precompiled header
Lewis Pringle1576915numeric_limits term does not evaluate to a function taking 0 argument
Li Chen2085593Visual studio community 2015 with update 1 setup failed
Liam Herron2117715amd64_x86\cl.exe fails to start: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)
Loïc Joly2105985ICE with Update1 when compiling code that works without this update
LOSERSTRIKER1012213521Templated constructors don’t inherit with using Base::Base;
mael_storm1359413Dependent types used with typename keyword are rejected in template specializations
Makoto Kato1611942Constexpr does not perform array to pointer conversions
Marcel Raad2437574VC14.2 regression: ICE with LTCG
Marcel Raad2350507VS2015.2 CTP1: error messages on solution load
Marcel Raad2159001VC 14.1: ICE on constexpr variable template
Marcel Raad2105673VC 14.1: unhelpful C4702 during linking
Marcel Raad2083001VC 14.1: ICE with excess {} in constexpr array initializer
Marcel Raad2082945VC 14.1: regression with constexpr array of string literals
Marcel Raad1975577VC14.1 RC: fatal error LNK1000: Internal error during IMAGE::Pass2
MariusPirvu1905485Visual Studio 2015 C++ optimizer bug
mark.dunning2099864VC++ fatal error C1001 using [ComImport] with ‘ref class’
Mark1g2092790illegal indirection with static constexpr nested in class
marten_range1869465Constexpr does not correctly subtract two aray pointers
Martin Stangel1900209Native C++ try/catch block optimized away in Release version
Martyn G2100669Regression in Visual Studio 2015 Update 1
Master Programmer2273127Crash during project build
Mat Sutcliffe2028721initialize constexpr variable with result of constexpr function with user-defined auto return type
Matthias Biggel1823129Loop optimization bug with self assignments (/O2 or /Og)
Matthias Biggel1823129Loop optimization bug with self assignments (/O2 or /Og)
mattnewport1935426Internal compiler error compiling certain C++ code in Debug
Max Bulatoff2183843list-initialization overload resolution don’t respect user-defined conversion
Mdg81805962Ambiguity while converting lambda to a pointer
Mdg81268890bool b = false.operator int; compiles.. and b is true
melak472302642C++11: Evaluation order in braced-init-list is wrong
melak472239581C++14 aggregate type + NSDMI
melak472235102ICE with unrecognized attribute on constructor
melak471921238C++: aggregate initialization of struct of function pointers from lambdas -> syntax error
mharmer1554175Swapping queue in lambda capturing ‘this’ fails to compile
Michael Winterberg1636326C++ capturing “this” from a non-member function results in an internal compiler error
Michael Winterberg1542839C++ C4640 warning (construction of local static object is not thread-safe) is still emitted
microsoftconnect20162345577namespace visibility
Mikel Negugogor1885651template using alias causes ICE in situation where template signatures do not match and a nested empty template is involved…
Miro Jakubovsky2131746VS2015 generates CMOVxx instructions even with /arch:IA32 switch
mkurdej2271910ICE when using variadic version of BOOST_FUSION_ADAPT_TPL_STRUCT (only when using amd64/cl.exe)
mkurdej2102113Error C3524 when sizeof(T) expanded only later
mloskot1604854swscanf_s should require unsigned size parameter
MMMMMMMMMMMM…1812246Compiler crash
msk_858898Compiler bug related to complex template usage
Myria1571340new and “delete” allowed with inaccessible defaulted functions
Nathan Jeffords2241708compiler fails name lookup under specific circumstance
nbougalis1820487Constructors with parameters pack confuse compiler in the presence of a default constructor
nick_doing_work1495318error C2248 not showing code line
Nikita Konyuchenko807617Internal Compiler Error (vs2013 RTM)
Nikolay Gerasimov2091255Windows 10 ARM Release: Virtual functions mechanism does not work
NoMore2165971static constexpr member initialization
notmynamereal1941836Visual C++ 2015: Static variable defined within a function incorrectly initialised on Windows XP
NReedbeta2104317Internal compiler error using sizeof… on parameter pack in namespace
Oberon00976911Braced initializer list not evaluated left-to-right
OfekShilon2158033VC++: crash when freeing a DLL built with openMP
Oggysobe2337518std::experimental::generator write access violation
OokamiChan2113677Fatal error c1001 in file xtree at line 2061
PaloMisik22131519LINK : fatal error LNK1000: Internal error during IMAGE::BuildImage
Pathompong1843401Enable Minimal Rebuild with LTCG causes build to fail when compiler detects that there are no relevant changes
Pawel Stopinski2399877ICE when parsing openssl
peroket817620Visual C++ decltype
Peter Esik2131520(VS 2015 Update 1 C++) C4702 (unreachable code) warnings emitted inconsistently
PetPil1544105C++ Optimization bug with /Og
Pierre22542085145Issue with Language management
Pixelchemist2238383Internal Compiler Error with constructor noexcept specification
pmingkr996942compiler internal error / template class / casting operator
Potapov Anton806184VC++ 12 RC fails to choose between initializer_list enabled assignment operator and canonical one for std::pair list elements
powerchord2135136VS 2015 Update 1: OpenMP parallel for num_threads does not work anymore
Predelnik1656577Large number of seemingly innocent function calls causes huge optimization slowdown.
Radim Svoboda2285385Incorrect compilation C source to assembler – casting, security cookie
Rehcse2391416In-class member initialization causing breakpoints to hit in CPP
Riku2131617Visual C++ x64 compiler produces incorrect code in catch handler when run in “Release” mode
Ritesh Oedayrajsingh Varma1717973C++: const modifier on static member function definition does not result in a compile error
Rombust862805Using variadic templates with a function pointer as a parameter
Ron Ben-Yosef2332293VC++ ternary conditional operator optimization bug
rSergePR1829909GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime is not wrapped in macros which would give a compilation error for target platform less than Windows 8
Russell McClellan1989669Internal compiler error in Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools
Ruud v A1895253Alias declaration interacting badly with declspec C2071
rwalters2148128C++ friend class can’t access friend’s protected destructor
rwong_0021963756C++ internal compiler error for user-defined conversion operator when the type is a const-qualified typedef of a template
Ryan Livingston2290700Compiled executable has access violation using the idiom x <<= 1; but not x *= 2; for x >= 0 at /O2
ryanpavlik2154536Internal compiler error (ICE) on some template metaprog in MSVC 2015.1
RYDB3RG2046382An internal error has occurred in the compiler.
sav_2286612internal compiler error while building OpenSSL library
sbergen2430244std::atomic<T>::operator= returns previous value
Sergey Nenakhov2183777Debugging AVX code is broken
Sergey Tolstov2059118wcstombs_s either does not work correctly or help is wrong
Sergey23645972131476internal compiler error with /O2 + /GL
Sergey23645972127244std::ostream::write crash with O2 optimization
shadewind1362980Specializing template for STL container with varargs broken
Sichbo2187627VC++ compiler optimisation settings /O2 /Oy- with an INT64 bit shift can produce invalid byte code
Sichbo2135855_mm_loadu_si128 and _mm_storeu_si128 do not emit movdqu instruction as documented
simdoc2054592x64 C++ Runtime Merge Modules still have problems in Update 1 RC
Simon Sasburg2433979REGRESSION: New ICE in MSVC 2015 update 2:
Singijeon2252839VC++: failure to compile implementation of template method of template class with module system
sliser2173053too few template arguments bug
sliser2100550static constexpr const char _literal[] = “delta”; // not working inside templated struct
sliser2087449template parameter pack treated as single parameter
smile8u1834348ARM C++ code generation bug with “var++” operation
sqasl1961831C++11: Struct containing variadic template function doesn’t compile if destructor is present
Sqweez1984067Suspected compiler bug with float and /EHa + /fp:precise?
SRoeber837165SFINAE with VS2013
sschukat2135519Deadlock while using Visual Studio Update 1
Steve Cornett2242313Compiler crash with C2065 and /errorReport:prompt
Steve Cornett2117724Pragma warning suppress affects two lines
Steve_Clark2208450LINK : fatal error LNK1102: out of memory on a large C++/CLI DLL which compiled fine on VS2013
stheophil1893491<vector>: Warning C4297 generated in std::vector ctor although vector ctor is not declared noexcept
SvenJohannsen2369662access violation for calling std::mem_fn for virtual base class with vmg enabled
sw6ueyz2325403internal compiler error while constructor inheritance
T. Canens2118677std::is_constructible does not work with explicit conversion operator to class type
Tasiro912507Generic lambda cannot access namespace
Tautvydas Žilys2394211Visual C++ compiler optimizer optimizes out a loop variable index read, making loop infinite on x86
Telchar521581557Missing items from the New Items dialog in WDExpress
th_neumann1608159C++/CLI generic function causes cast error in Visual Studio 2015
The-G2038304Value initialization of nested structs does not work properly
TheSpruceMoose2216490Compiler Crashes at String Stream Insertion Operator
Thiago Macieira1902345fread on a pipe drops some newlines
Tiger_lcf2258249Can’t use both #include <msclr\marshal.h> and using namespace std;
Tobias Reh2109165Inheriting ctors reject seemingly duplicate definition
Tobias Reh2108534constexpr with different values at run- and compile time
Tobias Reh2102417c++ program aborts even though exception handler is in place
TONGARI J2360707unable to match function definition to an existing declaration
tower1202391488c++11’s auto -> decltype return type problems
Trass3r2113324coroutines don’t fully support the no exceptions case yet
Trass3r2099629imprecise source location information due to optimizations
Trass3r2098342/GL accepts invalid code
Trass3r2053283no C4189 on nested struct with constructor
Trass3r2006462Use Link Time Code Generation uses incremental ltcg
Twan Koolen1847159ICE related to variadic templates and overloaded templated functions
Uffe Lauesen1820472C++ Nested exception handling in destructor is broken. Program crash.
Uli F2361177Merge Module Microsoft_VC140_CRT_x86.msm has wrong component condition
V i r2229371deleted function breaks SFINAE
VD422038827C++ compiler optimization bug
Veena L2104141Error when a class derives from std::basic_istream/std::basic_ostream
Vidar Hasfjord1457379C++: Static member function template instantiation has crazy type
vogel531624809Compiler Error – False positive
vpozdyayev1572251C++ ICE
Walter Blume2293751compiler bug
weibing2094547C++ bug for using namespace with openmp
Wenz Adrian2000821Visual Studio 2015 Redistributables (‘Microsoft_VC140_MFC_x64.msm’)
Xidorn Quan2081008Suppression of C4061 doesn’t work
Xidorn Quan2080996Regresssion: C2078 with any constexpr struct array
Yelmond2141212compiler crashes with templated constexpr default arguments
Yousuke Takada2022260Attempting to inherit an undefined recursive type makes the Visual C++ compiler crash
Zoppo2029793Calculation error with C++ compiler optimizations in VS 2015
zubrbubr829298VC++: failure to compile parameter pack expansion
zxop12774121Unexpected evaluation order within braced-init-list
I’ve selected English as the default language, but still are some Spanish text.
Unknown size for std::array with variadic sizeof size
ICE cl!InvokeCompilerPass()+0xd6d17
array indices get reversed with /O2
Cannot create C++ project, the wizard window “New Project” loops on itself
ICE during build on 32-bit with full optimization
R value reference failed to convert
Compiler error (assertion : SY_DEFLIST(symIV) != NULL): file s:\dd\feature\wcfb01\src\vctools\compiler\utc\src\p2\globlopt.c line 2633 during <Global Optimizer>(/O2)
After upgrading to Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, link.exe quite often hangs when building a large solution
With VC++ 2015 I’m getting a memory leak from functions declared const void when they are passed a parameter
ICE with static analysis when Analysing Trailing Return Type of decltype(this)
Simple console program fails to execute under windows 10. You need to look at the exe but I cannot u
it emits error C2248 when friend class invoke protected destructor
Installing Language Pack after Update1 will not install some VC Components.
C1XX mishandles UTF-8-without-BOM source files

IDE Fixes

Connect UserConnect IDTitle
Stav Yagev1958103When cross-compiling to Android using gcc the -fno-rtti is applied to C files and so generates a warning
Reisor19892087944Bug in Post-build event
Gregory PAKOSZ2130355Dependency tracker bug
Debugini1848283Wrong file focus for build commands / Ctrl-F7 builds wrong file
mikhail.matrosov1936234“Compile” option is disabled
Jiayi Li1987138VS 2015 C++ Keyword font colors.
powerchord2086611“Enable New Database Engine” permanently kills features
Frank Heimes873307IntelliSense rejects legal index operator types.
DustPG1412854Incorrect evaluation of inline class functions in the context of another class definition
Sergey quixoticaxis Ivanov1981591C++ incorrect editor warning on class constructor defined as try-block
RustyX1231999320IntelliSense incorrectly calculates sizeof when #pragma pack is set
Keizo Imaizumi1988014Intellisense error in template class constructor specialization with direct initialization, compiles OK
edl_si2362453V140 Xp toolset broken by Update 2 CTP
VSPain2480098Blank C++ Universal App crashes if called CameraCalibratorTest
??1808964REPORTED: __is_pod is incorrect for a class with an explicitly defaulted default constructor
Hao-Qun Yang1957202VS2015 Express for Windows Desktop, VC++ CLR Class Library, add new item problem
psalmsinger1694829No Class Views Available for C++ Projects on VS 2015 Community Edition
Miles Davies958745VS2013 – Source Control Difference window does no play well with task list
WKP_MH1770642VS2015 VCCustomBuildRule interface missing?
When invoking Rename, focus should be set on New Name
GTD cancelled operation still waits for lock held on the background/UI unresponsive
“Ignore Specific Default Libraries” have translation error under Russian
Incorrect evaluation of inline class functions in the context of another class definition
 Designer does not show controls for CPP winforms app
Support variable size of pointer to member
Intellisense still doesn’t account for #include continuations
Support anonymous structure in C
 VS consistently crashes when opening a solution.
“Create definition of a function” IDE action (pops up when you hover a mouse over a defined, but not implemented method)
The “Insert spaces around conditional operators” option mess the formatting up of switch statements
option to disable quick action squiggles
IntelliSense don’t know how to address member “VendorID” of the struct “PCI_COMMON_HEADER” without n

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