VC9 SP1 Hotfix For The vector<function<FT>> Crash

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Back in August, I blogged about the TR1 fixes in VC9 SP1.  An observant reader, grokbrsm, commented that vector<function<FT>> was broken by VC9 SP1.  A hotfix for this bug is now available:


Here is the updated link to download the hotfix:;wa=wsignin1.0

This hotfix actually fixes 5 bugs:


1. function<FT>::swap() was broken by the Small Functor Optimization in VC9 TR1 (the Feature Pack).  This broke vector<function<FT>> in VC9 SP1.  “Broken” meant “compiling but crashing”.


2. vector<pair<X, string>> nonconformantly required X to have a default constructor.  (This is a specific example of a general bug: vector<pair<string, X>>, vector<pair<X, vector<int>>>, etc. were also affected.)


3. vector<tuple<X, Y, string>> nonconformantly required X and Y to have default constructors.  (This is a specific example of a general bug, see above.)


4. vector<array<X, N>> nonconformantly required X to have a default constructor.


5. Random distributions were broken, triggering infinite loops and emitting bogus results.


If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them in the Comments.


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