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Recently the VC++ team released ATL Server as a shared source library on  to allow its user community to enhance the library in different directions and at a faster pace than we are able to support. Since then we have received some questions about how this impacts the support policy for ATL Server. The impact of releasing ATL Server can be summarized in three bullets:

1.       ATL Server library and related tools included in VS2002, VS2003 and VS2005 will continue being supported by VC++ team as long as these releases of Visual Studio are supported. Basically releasing ATL Server on has no impact on support policy for VS2002, VS2003 and VS2005. You may also find more details on time period during which a version of Visual Studio you are using is support on Microsoft Support Lifecycle site.

2.        ATL Server is no longer under active development by the Visual C++ team and will not be included in VS2008 or any future version of Visual Studio.  Future development of ATL Server will be done as part of a shared source project on,  If you are interested in contributing to this project or wish to request a new feature in this version of library, please contact the coordinators of the project on

3.       Because ATL Server is now a community project, Microsoft will not offer product support for building applications using the version of the ATL Server library or with integrating this library with any version of Visual Studio or Visual C++ Express.  To receive guidance or help on steps required for integration of the shared source version of ATL Server with any Visual Studio version you use, please contact coordinators of the project on

If you have any questions, please send us email or leave them in comment for this post.


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