Single-File IntelliSense and other IDE Improvements in VS2015

Gabriel Ha

Hello C++ World!

With the release of RC today, we’ve got a whole bunch of goodies in the IDE, not the least of which is refactoring as well as a really neat feature we like to call Single-File IntelliSense, where you can simply open a file (not needing a VC project) and take advantage of browsing, IntelliSense, and navigation support in VS!

That’s right, now you can see all this goodness:
Image 7080 SFI

with nothing but source files! Check out the Channel 9 video for more info!

Check out this short video on our IDE improvements since VS2013 Update 2 (when the shared asset project experience). For more info and demos on refactoring, Single-File IntelliSense, and other useful IDE features, both old and new, be sure to check out my pre-recorded //build session on IDE Tips and Tricks!

And as always, be sure to send us your feedback!

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