Rvalue References and Type Traits – Video Introduction to the STL, Parts 9 and 10

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The final parts of my video lecture series introducing the Standard Template Library are now available.  Part 9 covers a single function, std::move(), and explains how rvalue references power move semantics.  Part 10 covers <type_traits>, a header added by TR1/C++0x, and explains the basics of template metaprogramming.


Here’s the full series:


Part 1 (sequence containers)

Part 2 (associative containers)

Part 3 (smart pointers)

Part 4 (Nurikabe solver) – see Wikipedia’s article and my updated source code

Part 5 (Nurikabe solver, continued)

Part 6 (algorithms and functors)

Part 7 (algorithms and functors, continued)

Part 8 (regular expressions)

Part 9 (rvalue references)

Part 10 (type traits)


Thanks for watching.


Stephan T. Lavavej

Visual C++ Libraries Developer


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