Pure Virtual C++: CMake Debugger, Build Insights in Visual Studio, and more

Sy Brand

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Pure Virtual C++ is our free, annual, one-day virtual conference for the whole C++ community. This year it is running June 6th and you can find the session list and sign-up for free on the event page.

In the run up to the conference we will be publishing new C++ videos every day. You can find the playlist on YouTube.

We’ve published a bunch of new videos the past week:


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  • Paulo Pinto 2

    Interestingly the talks seem all mostly focused on Linux and embedded development.

    I am missing Windows related C++ development, specially modern tooling for GUI development and modernization of existing Windows SDKs.

    C++/WinRT is stuck in C++17 without modern Visual Studio tooling on par with C++/CX had, or the competition has in the form of Qt and C++ Builder, and no visible plans to adopt C++20.

    Windows SDK, DirectX, WDK, WRL, WIL, MFC still have lots of issues being used from C++20 modules.

    Since BUILD hardly touches C++ content, this would be interesting place to understand where C++ stands for Windows development.

  • Hongmou Zhang 0

    Do you have a plan to introduce CMake debugger to VSCode? I love this function…

    • Ben McMorranMicrosoft employee 0

      Yes, we plan to include CMake debugger support in the 1.15 release of our CMake Tools extension. We recently contributed our debugging changes upstream to CMake, and they will be available in CMake 3.27. Once CMake 3.27 is released we’ll test and merge this PR to bring the functionality to VS Code.

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