MSVC Toolset Minor Version Number 14.40 in VS 2022 v17.10

Daniel Griffing

As we approach delivery of Visual Studio 2022 v17.9, the MSVC toolset version is 14.39. In Visual Studio 2022 version 17.10, the MSVC Toolset minor version will continue with 14.40 and continue incrementing in the ‘14.4x’ series.

The file version and directories in Visual Studio v17.10 and subsequent installations will appear as follows:



  • 4x’ is a digit 40-49, where the ‘x’ value will continue to increase in future Visual Studio releases, starting with ‘40’ in VS 2022 v17.10.
  • BBBBB’ is a build-specific version 5-digit number, which increases with each release/update/servicing update.

We will make separate announcements about MSVC compiler toolset versions beyond 14.4x (i.e., versions >= 14.50) at an appropriate time in the future.

Build System and Library Impact

In Visual Studio 2022 version 17.10 and later, in-box project system support is being updated to support MSVC toolsets in the 14.4x version range. Specifically:

  • The C++ Project System (MS Build) is being updated to support ‘14.4x’ MSVC toolsets under the v143 Platform Toolset.

A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated

A screenshot of a computer program Description automatically generated

  • We have validated that CMake support in Visual Studio 2022 supports the minor version change.

Custom build systems, projects, libraries, and VS Extensions checking for valid MSVC build version will need to be adjusted to allow for ‘14.4x’. For example, code which checks the _MSC_VER predefined macro and assumes that all Visual Studio 2022 versions of MSVC having a value below 1940 will need to be updated.

Table 1. Mapping of VS 2022 update releases to current MSVC versions

Visual Studio Releases Updates with new MSVC Tools MSVC version   _MSC_VER End of Support
Visual Studio 2022  GA (Version 17.0) LTSC 19.30.30705 1930 Jul 11, 2023
Version 17.1 19.31.31103 1931 May 10, 2022
Version 17.2 LTSC 19.32.31326 1932 Jan 9, 2024
Version 17.3 19.33.31629 1933 Nov 8, 2022
Version 17.4.14 LTSC 19.34.31948 1934 Jul 11, 2024
Version 17.5.3 19.35.32216 1935 May 16, 2023
Version 17.6.11 LTSC 19.36.32544 1936 Jan 9, 2025
Version 17.7.7 19.37.32826 1937 Nov 14, 2023
Version 17.8.6 LTSC 19.38.33135 1938 Jul 8, 2025
Version 17.9 19.39.xxxxx 1939 TBD
Version 17.10 19.40.xxxxx 1940 TBD


Side-By-Side MSVC Toolsets

We recognize that it may not be possible to immediately address existing built-in checks in build environments. To mitigate issues encountered, until built-in checks are updated, we recommend using an older MSVC Toolset in VS 2022 via the Side-By-Side Minor Version MSVC Toolsets feature.

In addition to the mechanism provided in the linked blog post, it is also possible to select a SxS toolset in the C++ Project system on a per-project basis via Project Properties > Advanced > MSVC Toolset Version. The drop-down will contain the installed MSVC Toolsets under the v143 Platform Toolset.

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  • Kevin Puetz 0

    Will this apply to the VC Redist versions as well? indicates the next update to that will accompany VS 2022 17.10, so will it be numbered as 14.40.BBBBB (and likewise continue through 14.4x)?

    • Daniel GriffingMicrosoft employee 0

      Thank you for the question!

      Yes, the C++ Runtime DLLs included in the VC++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (and the VC++ Redistributable installer, itself) will also follow the above 14.4x/14.40.BBBBB versioning.

      It should be noted that the VC++ Runtimes do not rev in every Visual Studio update (i.e., under VC\Redist\MSVC\) and we expect this to continue in future VS update releases.

  • Roger B 0

    By all means! It was silly of y’all to try fitting 10+ versions into these artificial blocks of numbers anyhow. Feel free to use up the entire remaining swath of 19xx numbers between now and the end of the year. Because, ugh, you _will_ be going to 20 soon anyhow right? Right?! Please.

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