Internal Compiler Error when doing multi-proc compilation (/MP) on Windows XP


Visual C++

Ulzii Luvsanbat

Hi! My name is Ulzii Luvsanbat and I’m a Senior Test Lead with the Visual C++ team.

We’ve recently received multiple bug reports on VC++ 2010 compiler consistently crashing during multi-proc build on Windows XP and XP SP3 OSes.  This was a combination of the compiler and OS API issues that exhibited in internal compiler crash.  We have worked on a hotfix and have delivered it to customers who have reported the same issue on forums, MSConnect, and through escalation engineers.

The hotfix is available for download publicly, if you’re seeing this issue please feel free to patch the compiler from below links.  Thank you for your patience until we figured out what the problem was.



Ulzii Luvsanbat
Windows C++ Team


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