Hola from Barcelona…and welcome to a major MFC update!

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Hello again. My name is Ale Contenti, and I’m the Dev Lead for the VC++ Libraries. I’m writing this blog entry from my hotel room in Barcelona. Steve Teixeira and I are here for TechEd Developers Europe. Let me tell you that the atmosphere here is just great! Lots of people and a lot of Visual Studio and C++ users. Lots of interest in Visual Studio 2008 and all the new features and functionality we’ve added to the product.


Kate Gregory, Steve and I covered more than 7 talks about different C++ topics, ranging from debugging to interop to MFC. My main talk was about “MFC Updates for Visual Studio 2008 and Beyond”.   In this session I introduced the major new features we’re implementing for MFC.  With these features, developers will be able to create modern applications that leverage the “look and feel” of Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Visual Studio.


My MFC talk was in a pretty big room, and the audience was extremely interested! It was great to show the demos and look at the code together! I had a lot of fun and the Q&A session was just perfect, with a lot of great questions and (hopefully) satisfying answers from me J.


Let me share with you some of the comments from the attendees:


·         “Great session! At last, MFC is back!”

·         “Good demo, great job with all these new control”

·         “I am really glad to see the future of MFC/VC++ and the commitment to the native programmer. This was a great session and a nice glimpse of the things to come. Keep up the good work. Also, nice to see so many C++ topics this year with really great presenters.”

·         “Very surprised on all the work that has been done to MFC, having been in the situation where MFC seemed to have been left behind (visually at least)”


I was really happy to have the opportunity to present these updates to the MFC Libraries! Special thanks to the VC++ Libraries Team!


Kate and I also talked about C++0x and TR1 during a couple of “interactive sessions” or “chalk talk”. Again, great interest on the new TR1 extensions and on what will come from the C++ Standard.


During the talks, I had time to meet with a lot of customers and MVPs in the VS2008 Ask The Expert (ATE) booth. I really like to listen to our customers scenarios: It really forces me to think outside the box and to realize how many different “field” problems our customers need to face every day!


Last but not least, Charles from Channel9 found some time to interview Kate, Steve and I about C++, customers and what’s next for VC.


Heading to Germany, now, for more customer visits!




Ale Contenti

VC++ Libraries Dev Lead


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