Feedback on Your C++ Development Activities

Eric Battalio

Hello. My name is Gabriel Ha and I am a program manager on the Visual C++ team.

Do you have 10-20 minutes to take a survey on C++ developer activities?

We want to get a better idea of what C++ developers frequently spend their time doing when they develop their C++ code. We will use your feedback to make improvements to Visual Studio to aide you in the tasks you find yourself doing all the time (and we want your feedback even if you DON’T primarily use Visual Studio)!

You’ll also have the opportunity in the survey to comment on any pain points you have when you code (in Visual Studio or otherwise), and we’ll definitely try to address oft-cited pain points in the next release!

Ready? Head on over to and take a few minutes to help us out.

We appreciate your time very much!

Best regards,
Gabriel Ha


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