Download Today: Refreshed Casablanca Bits Available

Artur Laksberg

Back, at the end of April, we announced our first release of Casablanca as an incubation project on Devlabs. Since then, we are glad to have received a positive response from the C++ community. At the end of June, we refreshed the bits for support of Visual Studio 2012 RC and Windows 8 RP. Those builds are now rather long in the tooth, and many have been asking for a refresh for the most recent builds, which are the final versions of Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8.

Today, we are announcing that this long awaited refresh is available for download at the Casablanca devlabs site. In addition to refreshing and fixing lots of bugs, we are also adding a few new capabilities:

  • Streaming of HTTP message bodies (there are some limitations on Windows 8 App Store apps)
  • Improved asynchronous streams libraries, including interop with C++ iostreams.
  • Support for Azure Table storage, with some restrictions.
  • Complete support for the Azure blob and queue APIs.
  • We cleaned up our use of strings as arguments to various APIs. There should be no more confusion between wstring and string.
  • A couple of new samples, mostly focusing on Azure storage capabilities.

We’re hoping to make more frequent updates in the future, and will soon put this project on a path toward release as a supported product under an OSS license.

Please use the devlabs forums to provide us with feedback.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing back from you!

The Casablanca Team


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