Did You See: Improve Your Build Times With IncrediBuild and Visual Studio 2015

Eric Battalio

Did you see this post Improving your build times with IncrediBuild and Visual Studio 2015 on the Visual Studio blog?

IncrediBuild is a software acceleration technology that allows builds, tests, and other development processes to execute in parallel over a distributed network. It works locally on your development box and over a build server, and can also make use of idle CPU cycles in other computers over the entire network. In addition, developers with Visual Studio can use IncrediBuild to scale to the cloud via Azure to add more computing resources, substantially increasing performance, speeding up build time, and improving overall developer productivity. IncrediBuild is used by many Visual Studio customers today and is seen as a leader in the software acceleration technology space. Learn more about IncrediBuild at https://www.incredibuild.com or through is short Connect video about IncrediBuild.

If you use C++ and Visual Studio, you should download Visual Studio 2015 and IncrediBuild and see what happens to your build times! (And leave us feedback here, through Visual Studio, or to aasthan@microsoft.com or ebattali@microsoft.com!).

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