Clang/C2: We need your advice!

Andrew Pardoe

The Visual C++ team has shipped three releases of Clang with Microsoft CodeGen (Clang/C2). We’ve got a solid pre-production compiler that passes all of our STL tests and compiles a bunch of code into native Windows binaries. We’ve about to move to the 3.8 release of clang. We’re also working on getting x64-hosted tools up and running. Our Clang/C2 support in Visual Studio is turning a corner!

We’d like to hear from you, our developer audience, about what we should tackle next. What’s most important to you? If you’d like to talk directly with us about what matters to you with Clang/C2, please fill out this five-question survey:

Update on 4/13: After a week of running this survey we’ve gotten three times the response we expected. You folks are great, thank you! I’m going to leave the survey open for a while but I wanted to let you know that we’ve got a large backlog of responses to get to.

Update on 4/15: Closed the survey. Thanks for all the responses! I believe I’ve now mailed everyone who left a valid email address. If I didn’t get to you, please mail me at


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