Channel 9: VC++ Safe Libraries and More

Visual CPP Team

Our Channel 9 season continues, this time with a video featuring Ale Contenti, Senior Development Lead on the VC++ libraries team. Much of Ale’s recent work has been on the Safe Libraries (for example, the Safe CRT). Here Ale talks about making the STL safer and goes deep explaining how checked and unchecked iterators work internally and how they are used in our STL library functions. One advantage with the design is that you get the benefits without needing to modify your code; however the library also provides unsafe versions too. Ale briefly mentions the STL/CLR and interacting with “standard C types” – such as arrays of integers. Ale touches on working with the standard committees and potential future standards enhancements. Lastly Ale gives his thoughts on maintaining our large C/C++ codebase, some of the issues involved and some of his ideas on best practices and how our source code may evolve. An extremely interesting video for the C++ developer.



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