C++ Precon at Tech Ed 2012 – Orlando and Amsterdam

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At both Tech Ed North America 2012 (June 11th-14th) and Tech Ed Europe 2012 (June 26th-29th) there will be a C++ all day preconference! The title is C++ in 2012: Modern, Readable, Safe, Fast. Our C++ MVP Kate Gregory will deliver it and here’s the abstract:

C++ is gaining momentum as a development language, so whether you’ve never used C++ or stopped using it a decade ago, it may be time to brush up on your skills. With a new standard release providing new keywords and capabilities, C++ is a  featured language for many of the new Microsoft technologies and enables some amazing speed-ups of your application using libraries like PPL and C++ AMP. What’s more, Visual Studio offers tools to native developers that have only been available for managed developers in earlier versions. This all-day session will show you what all the fuss is about and give you the skills you need to understand the advantages of C++ today and how to start applying those benefits to your application.

There are three main categories of attendees who would enjoy this session:


  • It’s perfect for those who used C++ a long time ago and need a refresher, a way to catch up with all that has happened to C++ in the last ten years.
  • Developers who have never written a line of C++ code, but are solid in C# or Java will know the basic syntax (if, while, etc) and be able to follow this session and see why there is so much excitement around C++ these days.
  • C++ developers who are not using Visual Studio and not developing for Windows can come and see how their C++ skills will translate to these technologies and how quickly they can be productive on a new platform.

This preconference is technical and has lots of code in it. It’s not an “introduction to C++” that starts from scratch. It’s about providing the inspiration you need to start using particular features and starting writing modern C++. While you’re at TechEd, you can also attend some C++ breakout sessions to go deeper into particular technologies and tools that caught your interest. If you watched the sessions from the GoingNative 2012 conference, and could follow them, you know how much C++ programming has changed this century. If not, and you’re curious what the buzz is about, come and find out! It’s a great way to start your TechEd experience, June 10th in Orlando or June 25th in Amsterdam. We’ll see you there!

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