What's New in Visual Studio 11 Beta for C++ Developers

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XAML <TextBox x:Name=”textbox/>
textbox->Text =
“Hello World!”;
Output A Metro style HelloWorld.cpp

Snippets of the Metro style version for the most popular 101 application.




Download this Beta today:




As Jason Zander –CVP of Visual Studio- just confirmed, a Visual Studio 11 Beta was released earlier today.

What can C++ developers expect from this new version compared to Visual Studio 2010? Here’s a summary:

  • Windows 8:
    • Support for Metro style apps using native C++ code.
    • C++ Metro style applications can create new UI using DirectX and/or the completely-new all-native XAML UI framework for Windows 8.
    • C++ developers can also create components that extend Windows 8 apps written in HTML5/JavaScript.
  • C++11:
    • New core language features: range-based for-loop, override/final, and strongly-typed/forward-declared enums.
    • More core language features to follow shortly after Visual Studio 11.
    • New Standard Library headers: <atomic>, <chrono>, <condition_variable>, <future>, <mutex>, <ratio>, <scoped_allocator>, and <thread>.  Also <filesystem>.
    • Emplacement methods have been implemented in all containers for “arbitrary” numbers of arguments.
    • Simulated variadic templates now accept a maximum of 5 arguments by default, down from 10.  To increase this limit, at the cost of compiler speed, define _VARIADIC_MAX project-wide between 5 and 10 inclusive.
    • Per-container and per-element memory consumption has been optimized.
  • Code Performance and Parallelism:
  • IDE Enhancements:
    • Code understanding enhancements like semantic colorization and reference highlighting.
    • Editing enhancements like proactive IntelliSense, member list filtering and code snippets.
  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM):
    • Comprehensive tools like dependency diagrams and the Architecture Explorer.
    • Testing tools like a new Unit Testing Framework and Code Coverage.
    • Static Analysis for a better diagnosis of coding errors even if the compilation is okay.


For further information, these MSDN Library article dives deeper in these new features for Visual C++ developers.



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