C++ at BUILD 2012

Eric Battalio

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Experience the Build conference on Channel 9 and learn how to build fierce Windows 8 apps using C++ from the experts:

  • Bringing Existing C++ Code to Windows Store Apps, Tarek Madkour, 10/30 11:45am. Beyond just learning how to write apps in C++, you will see how to create new libraries or reuse existing components that you can seamlessly combine with Metro style apps using JavaScript, C#, and other C++ apps.
  • The Power of C++ – Project Austin App, Ale Contenti, 10/30 2:15pm. The Visual C++ team leveraged DirectX, C++ AMP, PPL and WinRT to take advantage of the Windows 8 hardware (including stylus). Come and dive into the Austin codebase as we share tips and tricks we discovered along the way.
  • Connecting C++ Apps to the Cloud via Casablanca, Niklas Gustafsson and Artur Laksberg, 10/30 5:45pm. With Casablanca, C++ developers get modern APIs based on C++ 11 with support for accessing and authoring REST services, asynchronous I/O libraries to support writing scalable and responsive code, and more!
  • Developing a Windows Store app using C++ and DirectX, Phil Napieralski, 10/30 5:45pm. This session will show you how to integrate Windows Store app features in your C++ and DirectX app. We’ll cover things like creating an app bar, API support for monetization, handling live tiles and notifications, and registering Process Lifetime Management (PLM, or suspend and resume) events.
  • It’s all about performance: Using Visual C++ 2012 to make the best use of your hardware, Don McCrady and Jim Radigan, 10/31 11:15am. This is a “go-fast” talk that’s also a great intro into computer architecture and C++ compilers.
  • DirectX Graphics Development with Visual Studio 2012, Rong Lu, 10/31 1:45pm. Whether you are just getting started with 2D/3D games or you’ve been slinging vectors and models for years, there’s something for you in this talk. Learn more about the new tools integrated into Visual Studio 2012 that can help you visualize graphics assets, author shaders easily, diagnose through graphics issues, and more.
  • Diving deep into C++ /CX and WinRT, 10/31 5:15pm.  This talk is for you if you want to understand all the nitty-gritties of the language, semantics and best practices when creating your own WinRT component for reuse in your Windows Store Apps.
  • Performance Tips for Windows Store apps using DirectX and C++, 11/1 8:30am. Learn how to squeeze out every drop of performance and preserve battery life with your code by avoiding typical performance pitfalls.
  • Tips for building a Windows Store app using XAML and C++: The Hilo project, 11/1 10:15am. 18 tips based on what we learned when building Hilo, a world-ready Windows Store app built using modern C++ and Windows XAML.
  • The Future of C++, Herb Sutter, 11/2 12:45pm. This talk will give an update on recent progress and near-future directions for C++, both at Microsoft and across the industry, with some announcements of interest in both areas. The speaker is the lead language architect of Visual C++ and chair of the ISO C++ committee.

If you are at Build, try to catch a few of these sessions. If you were unable to make Build, watch Channel 9 for session videos. On the social front, like Visual C++ (Visual CPP) on Facebook and follow Visual C++ on Twitter!

As always, we look forward to your comments, suggestions and other feedback!


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