Build and Debug MySQL on Linux with Visual Studio 2019

Erika Sweet

The MySQL Server Team recently shared on their blog how to use Visual Studio 2019 to edit, build, and debug MySQL on a remote Linux server. This leverages Visual Studio’s native support for CMake and allows them to use Visual Studio as a front-end while outsourcing all the “heavy lifting” (compilation, linking, running) to a remote Linux machine.  

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“I’ve recently found myself using Microsoft Visual Studio on my laptop as my ‘daily driver.’ I have a history with VS. But I also really like how the product is developing as of late. The pace of innovation is great and the team behind it extremely responsive. Thus individual users like me are feeling increasingly ‘in control’ and that drives loyalty up.”  


Thank you Georgi for using Visual Studio and for the kind words. Our team looks forward to continuing to improve the product based on feedback we receive from the community. Check out the full story from the MySQL Server Team (+ step-by-step instructions for getting started) on the MySQL Server Blog!  

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