Introducing Burstable Tier (M25) on Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore

Sudhanshu Vishodia

Introducing Burstable Tier (M25) on Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore

Introducing the new burstable cluster tier (M25) in Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore, designed to cater to dynamic workloads with varying CPU usage patterns. Burstable SKUs provide an intelligent solution for small database workloads, offering minimal CPU performance during idle periods while seamlessly ramping up to full CPU power when faced with increased traffic or workload demands. This adaptability ensures peak performance precisely when required, all while delivering substantial cost savings. By reducing the initial price point of our service, we aim to facilitate user onboarding and exploration of MongoDB for vCore at significantly reduced prices.

Don’t wait—provision your Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore server today and embark on your MongoDB journey affordably and efficiently.

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