Nik Larin (Azure Data)

Principal Program Manager

Nik is a product manager for Azure Cosmos DB in Azure Data.

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Cross-region replication in vCore-based Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB

(image) A modern managed database service such as Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB has a growing list of requirements in today’s world. Prompt recovery of the database availability when its region becomes unavailable is one of such critical functions. When a region is experiencing outage, there’re two primary methods for restoring access...

Postgres 16 available in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL, powered by Citus

Big news in the Postgres world: PostgreSQL 16 was released just over 2 weeks ago. And today we're announcing that Postgres 16 is generally available for production workloads on Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL. That’s right, in production: this announcement is not just a preview of Postgres 16 support.  Whether you need to ...

News: Postgres 15 available in Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL

Big news from the Postgres and Citus team here at Microsoft! Just 1 week after PostgreSQL 15 was released, PostgreSQL 15 GA is generally available in the portal for the Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL managed service—in all Azure regions. Whether you need to provision new clusters in Azure Cosmos DB for Postgres—or upgrade your existing ...