Windows Terminal Preview 1.1 Release

Kayla Cinnamon

Welcome to the first update of Windows Terminal Preview! You can download Windows Terminal Preview from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub releases page. The latest features in this release will move to Windows Terminal in July 2020. Let’s check out what’s new!

Open in Windows Terminal

You can now right click on a folder in File Explorer and select “Open in Windows Terminal”. This will launch Windows Terminal with your default profile in the directory you had selected from File Explorer.

Image open wt here

πŸ‘‰ Note: This will launch Windows Terminal Preview until this feature moves into Windows Terminal in July 2020. Additionally, there are still some known bugs that we are working on, including right-clicking in the directory “background” will not give you the Open in Windows Terminal option.

Launch Windows Terminal on startup

A new setting has been added by jelster that allows you to set Windows Terminal to launch when starting up your machine! You can set startOnUserLogin to true in your global settings to enable this functionality.

"startOnUserLogin": true

πŸ‘‰ Note: If the Windows Terminal startup task entry is disabled either by organization policy or by user action, this setting will have no effect.

Font weight support

Windows Terminal Preview now supports font weights as a new profile setting. The fontWeight setting accepts a variety of strings describing font weights along with the corresponding numeric representation of a font weight. Full documentation of this new setting can be found on the Windows Terminal docs site.

"fontWeight": "normal"

Image font weight

🌟 Pictured here is a sneak peek of the light version of Cascadia Code. Font weights for Cascadia Code are expected to ship within the next few months!

Alt+Click to open a pane

If you’d like to open a profile from the dropdown menu as a pane in the current window, you can click on it while holding Alt. This will open that profile in a pane by using the auto split feature, which will split the active window or pane across the longest length.

Image alt click pane

Tab updates

Color picker

You can now color your tabs by right-clicking on them and selecting “Color…”. This will open the tab color menu where you can select a predefined color or expand the menu to select any color using the color picker, hex code, or RGB fields. The colors for each tab will persist for that terminal session. A huge thank you goes out to gbaychev for contributing this feature!

Image tab color

πŸ’‘ Tip: Use the same hex code that is used as your background color for a seamless experience!


In the same context menu where the color picker lives, we have added a tab rename option. Clicking this will change your tab title into a text box, where you can rename your tab for that terminal session.

Image tab rename

Compact sizing

Thanks to WinUI 2.4, we have added compact tab sizing as an option for the tabs in the tabWidthMode global setting. This will shrink every inactive tab to the width of the icon, leaving the active tab more space to display its full title.

"tabWidthMode": "compact"

Image compact tabs

New command line arguments

We have added some additional commands to use as arguments when calling wt from the command line. The first is --maximized, -M, which will launch Windows Terminal as maximized. The second is --fullscreen, -F, which launches Windows Terminal as full screen. These two commands cannot be combined.

The last is --title, which allows you to customize the title of the tab before launching Windows Terminal. This behaves just like the tabTitle profile setting.

πŸ‘‰ Note: If you have both Windows Terminal and Windows Terminal Preview installed, the wt command will use Windows Terminal and will not have these new arguments until July 2020. You can change the wt executable to point to Windows Terminal Preview by following this tutorial.

Open defaults.json with the keyboard

If you’d like to open the defaults.json file with the keyboard, we added a new default key binding of "ctrl+alt+,". The openSettings command has received new actions that enable you to open the settings.json file, defaults.json file, or both with "settingsFile", "defaultsFile", or "allFiles" respectively.

{ "command": { "action": "openSettings", "target": "defaultsFile" }, "keys": "ctrl+alt+," }

Bug fixes

πŸ› The character under the filledBox cursor is now shown.

πŸ› You can now control if Windows Terminal will treat Ctrl+Alt as an alias for AltGr with the altGrAliasing profile setting.

πŸ› The defaultProfile setting now accepts a profile’s name.

πŸ› Mouse input has been fixed in Win32-OpenSSH 7.7.

πŸ› The spacing above the tabs has been removed when the terminal is maximized.

Top contributors

We had some great contributions for this release and we would like to give those who made an impact a special shout-out!

Contributors who opened the most non-duplicate issues

πŸ† WSLUser

πŸ† skyline75489

πŸ† j4james

πŸ† Chips1234

πŸ† juzi214032

πŸ† dakom

Contributors who created the most merged pull requests

πŸ† greg904

πŸ† j4james

πŸ† +10 tied for third

Contributors who provided the most comments on pull requests

πŸ† greg904

πŸ† j4james

πŸ† WSLUser

Signing off If you’d like to learn more about the latest features, feel free to check out the Windows Terminal docs site. If you have any questions or feedback, you can reach out to Kayla (@cinnamon_msft) on Twitter. If you find any bugs or would like to file a feature request, you can file an issue on the Windows Terminal GitHub repo. We hope you enjoy the first update of Windows Terminal Preview!


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  • msean 0

    Great news, many thanks!

  • Zhang Shen 0

    Can we have a preview of Cascadia Code please? Too excited to wait for months to try the light version.

  • Stuard Gerardo Carrillo Gonzalez 0

    I love the startOnUserLogin setting

  • Alex Sanin 0

    Great, thanks!

  • Nicolas Penin 0

    I love this windows terminal. Maybe a stupid question, but… is there any plan to port it to Linux like let’s say Ubuntu Mate ?

  • Emmanuel Adebiyi 0

    This is really exciting

  • J S 0

    I wish I could cycle through the themes with a keyboard shortcut.

    I also wish for menus. I guess that comes later.

    I like Jeff Hicks’ WTToolbox module for managing the settings.

  • Bill Chandler 0

    When will we get persistent commandline history?

  • Wyatt Protzman 0

    Any thoughts on making tab color could be exposed to the defaults ? It is cool you can edit it but perhaps this way it would have better integrations with themes?

  • Karl VietmeierMicrosoft employee 0

    Just an FYI – from an accessibility standpoint the “click+key” combination can be very difficult for people with limited mobility or only one-hand. Using keyboard combos, preferably closely grouped for things like changing panes or splitting the screen are much better. In ConEmu I can split screens and move around without leaving the keyboard.

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