We need your help: Patches to apply to TFS 2008 beta 2

Buck Hodges

Brian has written a post, Practicing servicing for TFS 2008, with links to six patches.  We need your help in installing these patches and letting us know what issues you run into.  The goal is to make servicing TFS 2008 better than it was with TFS 2005.  Folks using web projects under version control in Visual Studio will notice fixes for several issues.

I want to point out the patch for the build agent (aka Build SKU) in particular (the patch does not apply to Team Explorer).  This patch will update a couple of assemblies (DLL files) on the build computer (aka build machine or build server) and the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.targets file.  What this change does is change the build process such that the workspace name used by the build does not include the name of the build definition.  Before the fix, renaming the build definition would result in the build failing due to an error about the path to be used already being mapped in a different workspace, which was the workspace with the old build definition name in it.

KB942082 – Visual Studio 2008 Team Build Beta 2 – Builds fail after renaming the build definition

The patching process won’t replace the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.targets file if it has been changed.  While you aren’t supposed to change that file, some folks have.  If you have changed it and the patching process doesn’t replace the file with the updated one from the patch, your build will fail.  Working around that just requires renaming the targets file and re-applying the patch.  If this happens to you, please let me know.  I’d like to argue for the patch process to rename the old one and always place the new one on disk.  As such, I’d like to have some sense for how many folks are affected by this.


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