Using VS 2012 and getting “TF206018: The items could not be…” when creating a project using Git

Buck Hodges

If you go to Team Foundation Service, create a new account, and then create a new team project that uses Git, you may receive the following error message when either you try to connect VS 2012 or use the “Open new instance of Visual Studio” from your project’s web page and try to add a new Visual Studio project to source control.

TF206018: The items could not be added to source control because either no team projects have been set up, or because you do not have permission to access any of the team projects in the current collection.

If you run into this situation, it is because Visual Studio 2012 does not know how to handle a team project that uses Git. The normal version control entries for the team project are not there, so when VS 2012 asks for $/<your team project>, the server sends back TF206018.

To fix this, you need to install Update 2 for Visual Studio 2012 and the Visual Studio Tools for Git, as described in the topic Create a new code project.

When the next major version of Visual Studio ships, the Git support will be built-in.

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