Using Team Foundation in Eclipse with the TeamPrise plug-in

Buck Hodges

I’m still catching up on what’s been going on, and I found this on Grace Francisco’s blog.  I’ve highlighted the end of the summary where it mentions using TeamPrise on Linux.

MSDN Webcast: Accessing Visual Studio 2005 Team System Using the Teamprise Plug-In for Eclipse (Level 200)

Find out how you can use the Teamprise Plug-in for Eclipse to access the source control features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System from within the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE). In this webcast, we show you how to add new Eclipse projects to a Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation server, import existing projects from Team Foundation Server into Eclipse, and keep projects synchronized. We also look at the Teamprise Explorer client on a Linux virtual machine.



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