Tools for TFS on CodePlex: TeamReview and Info Kiosk



In the past I’ve written posts on tools for TFS on CodePlex.  I’m happy to say that there are now too many to show in a post.  I’d encourage you to take a look using this query for TFS on CodePlex.

A couple of people have sent me email about new tools for TFS on CodePlex, and I thought I’d mention them. here.


The first one is TeamReview.  Here’s part of the description from the main page.

Using Work Items to facilitate the code review process creates a completely in-IDE code review experience, the ability to project-manage the code review tasks, and the opportunity to get new value from the code review process through code review forensics.

There’s also a nice set of screen shots that walk you through the use of the tool.  Here’s one as a bit of a teaser.



The second one is a tool that uses Silverlight to display information on bugs and builds in full screen mode for a continuous slide show view.

TFS Bug Info Page


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