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Buck Hodges

Chandru, a developer on the TFS version control server, has written the first post on the Version Control Server Team blog.  I helped Craig Harry, development lead for TFS version control platform, set this blog up a while back, so I’m excited to see the first post.  Craig’s team owns both the version control server and the client object model, which moved to his team in the re-org that occurred last spring.

Orcas Workspace Mapping Improvements

I thought I would give you an overview of the workspace mapping improvements which Brian Harry mentioned in his TFS roadmap post. Please do keep in mind that any of this might change / be removed before Orcas ships – so there are no guarantees.

History: In DevDiv our branches are enormous ,  a developer typically maps only portions of the tree they need to work on. Upon analysis we determined an average workspace had 100+ mappings. To reduce the performance and maintenance overhead of a large number of mappings we are introducing the following features.

1. Mappings under Cloaks
2. One Level Mappings


Hopefully, this is the first of many good posts to come!  If you have things you want to know about, leave a comment on their blog or contact them.

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