Spec available for “Codename TFS Bug Submission Portal”

Buck Hodges

Hakan Eskici, program manager for Team System Web Access, has posted the spec for a new power tool that’s based on TSWA that is designed to help customers comply with the new licensing changes in TFS 2008 while getting the most out of the product.  Please read this, as well as the other Rosario specs, and give us your feedback.

Spec available for “Codename TFS Bug Submission Portal”

We’ve published the spec for the “Codename TFS bug submission portal” power tool on Rosario Specs website (1).

Note (1): Although it appears on Rosario specs website, this is a power tool for TFS 2008 (Orcas).

Here’s some background:

Team Foundation Server 2008 Standard Edition allows using some of the work item tracking features even without a Client Access License (CAL).

“You do not need a CAL to access work item tracking functionality to create new work items, or view and update work items you opened

Even thought the EULA enables these scenarios, there’s no out-of-box UI that will help customers to make sure they’re in compliance with the license terms. Therefore, we have built a power tool based on TSWA that will enable these 3 core scenarios:

As a user without a CAL, I can:

create new work items

edit the work items I’ve created

see the list of work items I’ve created

The codename for this power tool is “TFS Bug Submission Portal” for now, and the official name will probably be different.

To learn more about the details, please take a look at the spec. Your feedback is very important for us, so please make sure you express your thoughts on the spec discussion forum, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Hakan also posted Wednesday about the Anniversary of the devBiz acquisition.  It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by, and how much can be accomplished.


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