Orcas: Scheduled builds now support building even when there are no changes

Buck Hodges

Back in February, I wrote a post on the build scheduling feature that we’ve added for Orcas.  In that post, I stated that we designed it such that the scheduled build only occurs if there has been a checkin that affects the build.

Based on feedback, we changed it so that you have the option to force the scheduled build to run even if nothing has been checked in.  I’ve updated the original post to include the feature change.  If you look at the bottom of the dialog, you’ll see there is a checkbox that allows you to have the scheduled build always run.

As always, we appreciate your feedback!  We really do listen.  Obviously, there are lots of cases where we can’t respond with a quick product change due to various constraints, but it’s really great when we can.

You’ll see this feature whenever Orcas Beta 2 is released.


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