How to fix a problem with Windows backup and the Volume Shadow Service after installing Yukon April CTP

Buck Hodges

In the Team Foundation forum, a user posted the following problem with Windows backup after installing Team Foundation Server, including the April CTP of SQL 2005.

Prior to installing Team Foundation Server and Client I was able to use the Windows backup utility to successfully create an ASR backup and full backup of the server.

After installinf TFS I find the backup utility fails with the following error:

Error returned while the creating volume shadow copy: 80042301

After looking further into this, it appears that the volume shadow copy service was not started, nor could it be manually started. All other means to start the service failed. It seems to be stopping the backup utility from working.

The answer was posted yesterday.

There is a bug in SQL Server 2005 setup that causes incorrect value to be inserted in the following registry key.

The workaround to fixing this problem is to delete the VssAccessControl key.
Then you should be able to start the VSS service.

This issue has been fixed in the May CTP of SQL Server 2005 and this workaround would not be needed for new installations of SQL Server 2005 May CTP (or later) as they do not create this registry key.

Note: Once you have this problem, you’ll have to manually delete the key. Upgrade to a newer version of SQL Server or uninstall/install would not remove this registry key automatically and the problem will persist.


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