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Buck Hodges

Three weeks ago the Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 was made available as a free download.  It’s the full optimizing compiler.  That’s pretty cool.  It doesn’t include the IDE, though people have used it to replace the non-optimizing compiler in the VS Standard edition.

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  • Benjamin Hutchinson 0

    @Buck Hodges I found this article when looking for an old version of MSVC++ called MSVC++ Toolkit 2003. Well when I tried to download it from your link, it didn’t work. Now I know MS doesn’t necessarily want to keep old stuff taking space on their servers. But sometimes a developer only needs the commandline version of a compiler, not the full IDE. Some small projects I do could be done on just the commandline version of the compiler, which is what MSVC++ Toolkit 2003 is. If you have access to MS’s webserver for posting files, could you please post this back up again?

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