Dogfood statistics update

Buck Hodges

John Lawrence posted the latest set of dogfood system statistics.  The deltas are from May I think, since it says checkins are up 4,500.  The June/early-July statistics are here.  One thing to note is that we now have more than 600,000 files and folders in the system.  Hopefully, we’ll hit 1 million in the not too distant future.

Note that you can get some of these same statistics for your own system, such as number of files and workspaces, using the QueryServerRequests web service call that I wrote about here.  Jeff Lucovsky recently wrote a post on command logging and tbl_Command.  You’ll need that if you want to keep track of the number of gets issued, etc.

Anyone want to take a guess on what day we’ll hit the 10,000th changeset?  You can check out my changeset milestones post for some data.  We’re at about 8,300 right now.


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