Assigning work items for failed builds

Buck Hodges

Steven St. Jean has written a nice post about how to assign to a particular person the work item that’s created for a failed build.  When he talks about the name for the Assigned To field, it must match the name that’s displayed in work item tracking.  WIT shows the display name for a user, rather than the shorter domain login (aka alias).

TFS – Team Build – On failed build assign workitem to a specific user


I just came across a post on the MSDN TFS forums that was asking how you go about assigning the workitem created on a failed build to a specific user.  I have also been asked to do this in my organization. 


Team Build will create a new workitem in your Team Project when a build fails.  The “task” is assigned to the account that ran the build.  In my case, that account is a build service account.  One of my Dev Leads asked how we could modify the build process to make the assignment to him whenever one of his builds failed.  I didn’t have time to look into it, so I pretty much blew him off.  I recently had some time to look back into this subject.


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