Alert settings

Buck Hodges

Occasionally, the question about how to configure, after installation, the alert email SMTP server and from address setting have come up in the Team Foundation forum.  Alerts are emails that are sent when a check-in occurs in the Team Project you specify, or a work item assigned to you changes.  Users can sign up for alerts by going to the Team -> Alerts menu in VS 2005 after connecting to a Team Foundation Server or by right-clicking on a Team Project in Team Explorer and choosing Alerts.

To set the SMTP server and the from address, edit file “%ProgramFiles%Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Enterprise ServerBISIISDIRbisserverweb.config” on the application tier.  In the AppSettings section, you should see settings for the SMTP server and email address. Change the values or add the settings.


<add key=”emailNotificationFromAddress” value=”tfsaccount@yourdomain.” />
<add key=”smtpServer” value=”yoursmtphost” />



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