VS/TFS 2013.2 CTP 2 available

Brian Harry

Last week we released the next CTP for VS 2013.2 and TFS 2013.2 (aka Update 2).  Unfortunately, I was unable to find the time to blog about it because I was in Europe speaking at a conference and visiting customers.  So, I’m correcting the error now Image 8228 wlEmoticon smile 58CD4724

For TFS, at least, this is a “go-live” release, meaning you can get support and we will enable upgrades from this CTP to the final RTM.  In fact this TFS CTP is actually labeled a Release Candidate (RC).  It’s a bit weird to have a CTP of VS and an RC of TFS but there are some good reasons for it having to do with the staging of this TFS update, the General Availability of VS Online and the end of the early adopter period that I wrote about here.

As for what’s in this Update, you can read about it in my announcement of CTP 1.  The preview of the Git work that I included at the bottom of that post is now included in this CTP/RC.

One other TFS related feature that I wanted to mention is something called “the Incoming Changes Indicator”.  It’s a CodeLens indicator and is included in this CTP for the first time.  I really like it.  It provides information about the code element (method, class, etc) to indicate what changes have been made to it in other branches that have yet to be merged into your branch.  It allows you to easily explore those changes to understand the possible impact on any changes you may be making.  Here’s a very simple example but you can read a lot more in this blog post.

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Part of the reason for designating this TFS CTP as a “go-live” RC is to make sure we get good validation in real-world environments before we finally release it.  If possible, I really appreciate you installing it and giving us feedback on any issues you have.  We ran an “upgrade weekend” where we helped several customers through the process last weekend to make sure things seem OK and it was pretty successful.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



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