VS2010 has Shipped

Brian Harry

I expect you know this by now 🙂  It’s all we’ve been talking about since Monday.  It and all of the related products are available here: http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/download.  This link also has a bunch of pointers to related add-ons.  You will notice that the RTM TFS Power Tools are not available yet.  The good news is that the RC Power Tools still work with RTM (though you may need to uninstall them and reinstall them if you are upgrading from RC to RTM).  The RTM Power Tools should be available within the next week or so. I’ve spent the whole week talking to people about the release and they’ve been really excited.  I’ve really enjoyed doing the TFS For Everyone talk.  In that talk I install TFS from scratch (VS is already installed), configure it, configure a build server (on the same machine), import my source code with history from Visual SourceSafe, make some code changes, configure a continuous integration build, make more code changes and watch the CI build complete, create a new task and run some queries, make more code changes, check in and demo Team Web Access all while explaining some of the new capabilities of TFS 2010 and with a little time left over for questions in a 1 hour talk. At some level you can say, it ought to be that fast and easy, but wow have we come a long way since TFS 2005.  It’s really nice to see how approachable TFS is now. Also the new testing features have been a really big hit with people.  I’ve gotten a lot of questions and feedback on Test Case Management, automated UI testing, Intellitrace, Lab management, Load testing and more. And, of course, some of the new VS productivity features have been a big hit: multi-monitor support, Intelli-sense improvements, Zoomable editor, multi-line insert points, and much more. I’ve also seen a lot of interest in the new architecture features. It has all kept me very busy answering questions and explaining all the cool new stuff you can do.  If you haven’t already, check it out.



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