Visual Studio, TFS and the Egyptian elections

Brian Harry

A little over a year ago, I was contacted by someone responsible for helping the new Egyptian government build the software necessary to run their first elections.  It was clearly a profound time for the country and for the world.  They took the responsibility of having robust, trustworthy and event free elections very seriously. They were particularly concerned about how to build for and handle the load their applications would experience in a very tight time window.  They had only one shot at this and the world was watching.  We worked with them to show how Visual Studio and TFS could help them develop and test their app to have confidence in the experience voters would have. I was personally very proud of the very small role I played in helping them.  It’s not often one get to participate, even if in a very small way, in a significant world changing event. We now have a case study describing some of the work and the results.  You can read more about it here. Thanks,



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