Update on the TFS Upgrade Fix

Brian Harry

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about a moderately rare problem with upgrading from TFS 2005/2008 to TFS 20010.  Although the number of people affected is modest, the severity of the issue is bad enough that we decided to re-release all TFS images so that the upgrade fix is automatically included and no one who downloads new images will get “bitten” by missing the step to install the patch. Today, we have released the new TFS media.  As of today if you download TFS from MSDN subscriber downloads, the TFS trial from microsoft.com or order TFS through a reseller, you will get the updated TFS installation media, the fix will be automatically included and you need not worry further about it.  If you’ve already download TFS media, I recommend you discard it and re-download the updated media.  Our volume licensing download site is the only place that has not yet been updated but we are expecting the updates there on August 10th (only 5 days from now). To assure yourself that you have the updated media, you can check for the following files on the media:

  • <dvd>\tfs-x86\wcu\kb2135068
  • <dvd>\tfs-x64\wcu\kb2135068

If they are there, then you have the new media. If you’ve already installed TFS and think the fix is installed, you can make certain by looking at the following file on an installed TFS server: %program files%\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Tools\Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Admin.dll Right click on it using Windows Explorer and choose Properties…   Look on the “Details” tab.  If the Product Version is 10.0.30319.317 (or later), KB2135068 is installed.  If the version is older (e.g. ‘original’ RTM is 10.0.30319.1), KB2135068 is NOT installed.  Because of the way TFS servicing works – all patches are cumulative (they include previous patches), there’s no simple single patch to look for.  Any patch after the upgrade QFE was released will include the fix and that’s why you are looking for any version # greater than or equal to 10.0.30319.317. This re-release of the TFS media DOES NOT include the TFS rollup QFE or the Lab Management Update that I’ve talked about recently.  You can install either or both with the upgrade fix.  Remember TFS servicing is cumulative: The Lab Management Update includes the TFS rollup QFE and the TFS rollup QFE contains the upgrade fix.  Our installation logic is smart enough that you can just install the “biggest” one or you can install any combination and the result will always be what you want. I want to apologize again for the troubles that this upgrade issue has caused.  We take the integrity and simplicity of TFS upgrades very seriously and are disappointed to have allowed this issue to leak out.  With the update of the media to include the fix, we hope that soon no further customers will be affected by the issue.  Please let me know if I can help you in any way.



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