Update on adoption of TFS at Microsoft

Brian Harry

Our internal adoption team produced an update on our status this week and I thought I’d share the results with you.    We’re now up to 21 TFS instances in production, hosting a total of 734 projects about 5,600 users.  2 of those instances are running an Orcas Beta 2 build.  3 are running a very early build of Rosario.  and the other 16 are running TFS 2005.  We plan on upgrading the remaining TFS 2005 instances to Orcas (TFS 2008) in August.

I know I’ve talked before about the Office’s adoption of TFS for project management.  Their use has really taken off over the past few months.  I may or may not have mentioned that Windows has also decided to adopt TFS for project management/feature tracking.  They are just dipping their toes in right now but I expect that by the fall sometime they will be in full swing.  Here’s a high level picture of how adoption compares in the major divisions at Microsoft.  It leaves out the many smaller groups who are also adopting.  Much to my chagrin the Microsoft IT organization has now passed DevDiv in number of users :).  Their databases/projects are a lot smaller but they are really driving adoption.  This fall I expect DevDiv adoption to pick up again (and possibly pass them).


As you can see active users continues to grow steadily.

and number of projects is growing a a good clip as well.




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