The end of my humiliation is near?

Brian Harry

Well, I’ve been doing everything I could to hide from my humiliation that was the install experience around TFS SP1.  As you’ll recall, the underlying problem was that the way it “quiesced” (deactivated) the server was not appropriate.  It didn’t work for servers that were in the process of being used.  It didn’t work for clustered servers.  Etc.  To make matters worse, it has taken months to address the issue.  The primary problem was that once SP1 was behind us, the division was focused on other things and trying to turn the overall servicing orgs attention to “redoing” the TFS SP1 install was a very challenging effort.  Of course, they were busy with new priorities.  And, oh yeah, we had to build and test the new quiescing process (and this time test it more thoroughly) 🙁 Well, the end is finally in sight (after countless misstarts and delays).  We have signed off on the patch and have handed it over to the support organization to run several customers through it.  Once they have signed off and said all is good, we will release it and I will post a link to the new download. I appologize profusely for the problems we created and assure you that this particular catastrophe will not happen again.  We have gotten a huge headstart on the servicing process for Orcas.  We have already (before Beta 2) done extensive testing of our patching process.  In fact we will be producing a dummy “service pack” on top of Orcas Beta 2 and distributing it to early adopters just so we can prove that we have it right before we ship.  Thank you for hanging in there and I appologize again.



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