TFS Upgrade Improvements in TFS 2013.3

Brian Harry

I’ve talked about this before but something happened today that got me thinking about it again.  One of the necessary components of the rapid release cycle we are on for VS and TFS is an easy and seamless upgrade process.  All through the 2012 Update cycle (.1, .2, .3) we worked on making the TFS Upgrade process easier and more reliable – mostly focusing on the upgrade leaving your server configuration exactly how it was. What caught my eye today was a mail from a customer titled: RE: [ TFS2013 ] Feedback – Upgrade to 2013.2 RC does not keep IIS settings required for Kerberos It was a response to an email from February and unfortunately, it was too late, at that time to make a fix for Update 2.  The body of the mail was: “I just upgraded to TFS 2013.3 RC and the IIS settings were preserved, Thank you!” I tend not to mention fixes/changes like this in my posts about releases because there are so many that the post would be crazy long.  Sometimes I try to look for themes in the fixes and describe the intent/benefit of a set of work but I don’t always have time.  We’re trying to get better about listing all the significant bug fixes in the KB article but I don’t know that we’re all the way there yet. Regardless, every update, whether we describe all the fixes or not, generally includes dozens of little improvements like this that are just designed to make life better.  Improvements that make it easier to digest more improvements are particularly valuable.



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