TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit is Available!

Brian Harry

Last week we released the “final” version of the TFS Migration & Synchronization Toolkit.  I say “final” because nothing is ever final (particularly when we provide source and put it on CodePlex :)). The toolkit is designed to make it easy to do both 1 way and bidirectional synchronization of work item tracking and version control data between TFS and other systems.  We’ve used this tool kit (and previous incarnations of it) to build several tools and feedback on it has been very good.  I remember a report of someone building a tool to migrate PVCS data into TFS.  They claimed it was a very easy addition and didn’t take more than a week or so of development effort. We envision this tool being used in a number of ways.  Some organizations will choose to adopt TFS in favor of some existing system they are using and this toolkit will help provide a basis for migrating the data (including history).  We find that in larger organizations (like our own), you can’t just drop a tool one day and start with another the next.  Frequently multiple systems coexist, sometimes for an extended period of time.  It may be that different part of your org want to use different SCM systems, yet you want to synchronize some of the data.  It is also sometimes necessary to synchronize TFS with related but different systems – like Project Server, or a help desk system, etc.  The toolkit can help with that too. If this sounds like something you need, check out the CodePlex project here: And you can read more about it here:  



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