Team Explorer Everywhere 2012 Update 2

Brian Harry

I missed announcing the availability of Team Explorer Everywhere Update 2.  We released the update the first week of April.  You can get it either by:

Mostly our Update 2 for Team Explorer Everywhere contains bug fixes and small feature improvements.  Here’s a list of the improvements you will find…

  • Add delete options to builds and retention policy
  • Allow import of Java and Ant as Zip files into Version Control
  • Fix checkout for edit being disabled for items with merge,branch pending change
  • Remove deleted builds from the build definitions filter in builds page
  • Add error when attempting to delete a build that is marked as retain indefinitely
  • Update progress indicator during unshelve of large changes
  • Improve the way that tooltips are displayed on Ubuntu OOB color theme
  • Allow periods in WIT display names
  • Fix issue with setting execute bit on get when talking to Update 1 or Update 2 TFS 2012 server
  • Fix issue blocking some label, shelve and workspace operations when there are two users with the same display name on TFS2012
  • Fix issue canonicalizing local paths when setting working folder to a symlinked path
  • Give proper error message when check-ins rejected by an ISubscriber plug-in on the server
  • Language pack updates (fixes for French, German, Japanize and Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Hide the workspace selection page during connection, make it less prominent during share and import.
  • Allow use of alternative credentials when embedded browser is unavailable to Eclipse

Let us know if you have any feedback. Thanks



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